Case Study

Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland


Strata3 undertook an intensive 14-day sprint to develop the as-is and to-be user flows for a new multi-customer experience platform.

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The challenge

Our goal was to work collaboratively with SBCI stakeholders to map out a user focused solution for the future of SBCI. This solution included the delivery of proto personas, as-is and to-be journey maps and users flow as well as a high-level BRD to inform the new website and customer platform.

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The strategy

Our approach for this consultancy was to involve SBCI stakeholders in a 14 day sprint to gain a deeper understanding of the business and user needs and presenting an approach for the future of SBCI's website and customer portal.

Week 1 involved a deep dive into the as-is user flows, creation of proto personas, journey mapping and identifying the key pain points and opportunities available to SBCI.

Week 2 consisted of end-user interviews to validate our personas and highlight other pain points on the current system. Following this we drafted and refined the to-be user flows collaboratively with SBCI stakeholders.

On Week 3 we presented our findings to the sneior management team and our BA helped to define the business problems and recommend solutions that will enable SBCI to achieve its goals and objectives in the form of a BRD.

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