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Fáilte Ireland


From the moment a person dreams of a break at home, in Ireland, to the moment they share their last holiday on social media, and every moment in between. delivers.

A visitor first approach to meaningful engagement

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The challenge

Fáilte Ireland’s brief to Strata3 was clear - the creation of a new website that was a single source of high-quality information, providing consumers with details on the best curated experiences across all destinations, to enable them to plan and enjoy a brilliant and memorable short break. Integral to the creation of a new digital ecosystem was delivery of an enhanced overall user experience helping visitors to tap into more of what Ireland has to offer, uncovering the local hidden gems and off the beaten track experiences.

The goal was to create an online ecosystem that provides a seamless visitor experience, by delivering on our visitors’ requirements and giving them the information they need, how, when and where they want it.

“Fáilte Ireland is delighted to have Strata3 as partners on the transformation of, a ‘go to’ site for the domestic holidaymaker. Strata3’s people, processes, quality of digital output, as well as their collaboration is highly commendable. We look forward to working with them in the next phase as they optimise the UX and enhance performance to support the recovery of our domestic tourism industry.”.
Claire Cadogan, Head Of Digital Marketing, Fáilte Ireland
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The strategy

Strata3 worked closely with Fáilte Ireland to develop a product delivery roadmap which prioritised the visitors needs and delivered a delightful user experience.

The Strata3 team created a persuasive, friction-free experience that converts a higher percentage of visitors, delivering on commercial metrics, such as growing traffic, partner referrals, and ultimately, driving domestic tourism.

An agile methodology was the best approach for this project, not just because of the project’s complexity and scale, but because it can continuously adapt to evolving business needs and the rapid pace of change in the digital landscape. Our first release (MVP) for this project, was deployed at a crucial time for the Tourism industry and for Fáilte Ireland, as the country moved into recovery mode following the Covid-19 lockdown. We also developed a Covid-19 Industry Support Hub for Fáilte Ireland, as an initial response within their corporate site, while continuing to build the new consumer site.

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The Implementation

We have employed the “less is better” philosophy in the implementation of this project. The layout is fully responsive and carefully thought out. Each component is part of a design system which ensures consistency across the design & build of the site. The user experience is informed by user research and powered by analytics to drive meaningful consumer engagement. uses Kentico Kontent as the multi-channel content hub (headless CMS) serving content either directly via the Kontent API or an Azure Cognitive Search Index. The Strata3 team built the site using React, NextJs, and Redis on Azure Web App Services. This approach delivers technical excellence across mobile and larger screens with a responsive and fast site. The project utilises the Azure DevOps toolkit; user stories and tasks are managed on sprint boards, while the code repository and automated deployments use Azure DevOps pipelines.

Discover Ireland’s visual approach is guided by four design principles: simple, beautiful, useful and usable. The look and feel is clean and beautiful in its simplicity while always allowing the content to be the primary focus.

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Next Steps

Strata3’s performance team are working together with Fáilte Ireland to foster a culture of visitor and data-driven decision-making, as part of an insight-led performance strategy that maximises ROI.

A rigorous, iterative process of optimisation continues, with plans to add personalisation to improve the relevance of visitor experiences further and other improvements to meet ambitious performance goals around growing engagement, referrals to industry partners and returning visitors.