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Capgemini selected Strata3 as user-experience partner to digital deliver user-centric solutions on Temenos banking technologies.

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The challenge

Temenos T24 is regarded in the industry as a 'game-changer’ in online retail banking. Temenos launched Temenos Connect Internet Banking (TCIB) & Internet Mobile (TCIM) in 2015 as front-end application toolkits to compliment the T24 core banking platform. T24 is being adopted by multiple ‘challenger’ and established banks. Capgemini selected Strata3 as a digital partner and tasked us with the challenge of delivering the optimum user experiences on Temenos technology to their financial services clients in the UK & Ireland.

The strategy

Our overall strategy is to become leaders in designing user-centric solutions on Temenos. Strata3 built a dedicated UX team to work in partnership with Capgemini. The team includes experience architects and visual designers each with a wide range of experiences in financial services and other industries. Strata3 UX & development staff have participated in onsite training with Temenos representatives. Strata3 are also participants in the Temenos Marketplace and are currently in the process of being accepted as Complimentary Solution Providers.

The implementation

Our team work with Capgemini onsite at client locations. This allows our architects and designers to work alongside the technology and proposition owners. Our job is to ensure that the user is at the heart of the solution when validating the design against the OOTB capabilities of Temenos. Our initial focus is on research, testing the platform against a MVP and creating a brand framework. This is followed by more formal agile sprints to deliver each element of the solution.

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The result

  • Strata3 are designing user-centric solutions on Temenos technologies without requiring heavy customisation for deployment teams.

  • We are pushing the capabilities of the OOTB system and designing beautiful systems.

  • For Capgemini’s clients we have created digital frameworks specifications with detailed interactions, typography and brand elements complimentary to the corporate banking brands that serve as a style guide.

  • Strata3 UX Team have delivered complex user journeys, tested and validated by real-life users on TCIB & TCIM banking platform.

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