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Toolsets, frameworks and methodologies

Strata3 provides both frontend and backend development services, with a highly experienced technical team that has worked across leading accounts in sectors such as financial services, utilities, telcos,  retail and government.


Our expertise in frontend development is integral to our client offering. With a strong back catalogue of responsive frontend deliverables and use of best practice frameworks and approaches, Strata3 provides an elevated level of knowledge and proficiency. 

Our frontend approach is innovative and boundary testing. From our use of HTML5, Angular and Advanced CSS and other JS technologies, we collaborate with both the design and integration elements in a nimble fashion.

Our frontend team also explores new frameworks, code-practices and standards to constantly improve our solutions. Our backend team is resourced by a cross-functional team of developers specialising in Java, .NET, and PHP. 

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Our backend solution is comprised of a cross-functional team of developers specialising in Java, .NET, and PHP. We also pride ourselves in knowledge sharing across the backend team to ensure every team member’s awareness and knowledge across numerous platforms grows.

Development skills

Our development team has a wealth of experience in toolsets, frameworks and methodologies.  At all times our focus is on development quality assurance process increasingly delivered through Agile.

Strata3 works with several technical partners to deliver for our clients.

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We combine smart design with rich technology to craft innovative brand & business solutions.

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