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Putting users at the heart of the design process

Strata3’s philosophy is to make everything we create useful, simple, innovative and beautiful. Our proven design process allows us to gain a deep understanding of users and their problems before formulating a design strategy.

We facilitate structured design thinking workshops with clients to share knowledge, consider the user journey and ideate innovative solutions. We also draw on analytics, competitive analysis, and other customer insight research methodologies to deliver design solutions.

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To put the user at the heart of our design process and to ensure innovative outcomes, we use a lean UX think-make-check approach which has proven successful across several client accounts. We move quickly from ideation through to creating prototypes which allow us to validate our design thinking with real users through usability testing sessions in our on-site lab. We then rapidly iterate and refine the solution.

Lean UX design also facilitates our structured approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) which is another important component of our design process. Our team includes several who are Google Analytics certified.  Learn more about CRO in our Analytics and Insights page.


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We combine smart design with rich technology to craft innovative brand & business solutions.

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