Strata3 are Google Analytics Partners.

Over the last three years our Google Analytics offering has grown substantially and become part of the core service offering for Strata3. In fact, we have become a little obsessed over the power of Google Analytics, for example we have over 13 Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and App analytics qualified individuals. So it’s safe to say, we like data & analysis.

We try not to brag, but, did you know over the last few years we have helped some of our CRO clients increase revenue by 44%, increase the number of conversions by 25% and increase users by 49.6%. We use data that most companies have available to them and turn it into actionable insight that help our clients’ businesses grow - and that is our objective. 

This week, after months of doing several rounds of rigorous interviews and case study submissions we got our Google Partner badge. It’s a really exciting time for our growing department and a nice seal of approval from the big G itself. 

Strata3’s analytics department is doing some super exciting work which we will go into in more detail in the coming months. Our collaboration with UX has brought about a whole new approach to both UX and digital analysis. We have been able to help our clients achieve their business objectives and goals and although the partnership badge is a fantastic win for the team, helping our clients achieve these targets is an even better one.

If you have an analytics project you would like to talk to us about get in touch, we would love to hear from you Over the last 3 years our analytics Service Offering has grown substantially, it now includes: 

  • Analytics implementations

  • GTM implementations

  • SEO audits

  • SEO Improvement strategies

  • GA/GTM Account audits

  • KPI mapping

  • Insights

  • Google Analytics Reporting

  • Google Data Studio Dashboards

  • Ongoing CRO

  • Analytics Support

If you are interested in Google Data studio take a look at the free template we created. You can take this template and sync it up to your own Google Analytics account to get a full website overview dashboard.  

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