Strata3 Data Studio Template

Google Data Studio is one of those cool analytics tools that makes your life easier...

What it does, in a very broad manner, is allow you to build dashboard-style reports that connect to Google Analytics or other data sources. It might not be the most complex and deep data presentation tool but it brings quite a few advantages when it comes to sharing reports with clients:

  • For your clients, it provides an alternative to directly using Google Analytics. Even though the background work is done in GA, many times your clients are not as comfortable as you are diving into analytics. With data studio they can easily consult KPIs for different periods.

  • It makes it really easy to build a visually engaging report. Data Studio has a nice range of charts that are simple to add and have a good degree of customization.

  • You can share your reports and choose who can edit and who can view them. This makes for an very comfortable way of getting your data to reach it’s audience easily.

  • You can go deeper. At first view it seems everything is simple, but due to a large community you have access to different add-ons and connectors that allow you to add other data sources such as social media to your reports. You can also transform metrics and calculate new fields through the data source manager.


The wait is over

In short, Google Data Studio is a very convenient, neat addition to the analytics “family”. it’s a customizable, real-time report that you can share both internally and externally. It's a fantastic way of conveying high level stats on your website, campaigns etc.

Since we have been waiting a solid year for this to launch in Ireland and being the sound bunch we are, we decided to create a free template for our user's to take away. This uses the Google Merchandise Store analytics account, which is accessible here. You can copy the link, link it to your GA account and away you go. We get a lot of requests asking about these dashboards. We always customize them to suit our client's requirements, so in this case we took some of those top stats and put them together into this template. We hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions just give us a shout below!

- Insights team :)


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