Handling Stress in the workplace


By Lily MacNulty



Handling Stress in the workplace

by Lily MacNulty - 4 min read

On days like this, it’s easy to let small things which you would ordinarily brush off become big things that stress you out. Here are a few tips to help you reduce stress throughout the workday Read more…

GDPR: What you need to know

by Lily MacNulty - 3 min read

Giving you the rundown of these new regulations which give individuals greater control over who collects and processes their personal data. Read more…

Easy Headless CMS with Drupal Web services

by Cormac Madden - 2 min read

For me, it’s clear that the headless CMS is the better CMS. A But not all CMSs are created equal, and we'll need the CMS to deliver JSON-encoded data to front end developers for the headless CMS to become a reality. Read more…

Priorities & Scheduling Support

by David Treanor - 3 min read

Project support can be an interesting role, No task is ever the same. However, how do you prioritise the different support tasks that you receive? Read more…

The impact of a cashless society

by Sarah Gleeson - 4 min read

Contactless payment has no doubt made our lives as everyday consumers faster and easier. However, there is a concern that it could have a much larger negative impact on society than we’ve considered. Read more…

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