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A systematic, evidence-based approach to CRO

Analytics and insights are at the heart of every digital project we work on. Without access to excellent data and a framework to gather, distil, analyse and report on such data, digital strategies can fail to meet their objectives.
At Strata3, we have built our capabilities in this vital service offering. Our goal is to ensure that analytics are tied into clearly defined KPIs and that an iterative approach is taken to delivering on strategic objectives, such as growing sales through digital channels.
Strata3 has in-house Google-certified members of staff across its analytics team, UX designers, front end developers as well as full-time insights, reporting and data-mapping experts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Strata3 takes a systematic and evidence-based approach to CRO that involves a constant cycle of tracking, discovering, analysing, iterating and testing every aspect of a website or application.

CRO is not a one-off task.  Typically, we prioritise areas of the customer journey that will have the highest impact, when optimised.  We begin by understanding the potential barriers within a conversion funnel through:

We then use this data to agree client goals and configure user flows and designs, make content changes, if necessary, and then conduct a “release and review” process.  If the newly optimised design has been shown to increase conversions, the changes are then rolled out across the website.

Customised reporting and dashboarding


 Strata3’s data analysts have real world commercial experience who can produce a suite of customised reports that:

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