Alan Murphy

Head of Technology

Alan is the Head of Technology at Strata3. He has been working with Strata3 since 2007 and has been focused on software development: delivering large scale web applications, platforms and integrations for Strata3’s key clients. He holds a BSc in Computing Information Systems

Alan has been the lead on platform evaluation for numerous clients and has also acted as the chief technical design and architect on multiple integration projects.

He works directly with clients to consistently improve the conversion rate on their applications, forms and launching any new products. He has also supported the client team through numerous refreshes, redesigns, hosting infrastructure migration and the selection and implementation of a new content management system for various clients. 

Alan manages a development team within Strata3 to ensure that the agency always maintains the quality of delivery, while maintaining a well-trained and knowledgeable set of developer resources for our clients to call on, as required. 

Alan manages technology partnerships with Kentico, Alkacon (OpenCMS) and Atlassian (Jira and Confluence). He is responsible for upgrade paths, enhancements, team certification and the training of Strata3 development teams.

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Alan is the owner of Strata3 technical partnerships and is responsible for the delivery of high quality output for clients.

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